Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sugaring VS Waxing

Have you been sugared? Have you been waxed? Have you done both? Which path do you choose when it comes to removing your hair. Before becoming an Esthetician, I waxed. Then I learned of this old-age technique called sugaring. It is made up of sugar, lemon juice and water. Made in a certain way to have a taffy-like consistency. Now I choose sugar. I still wax my eyebrows. But when it comes to the sensitive areas (underarms, bikini, brazillian) I sugar! Lets weigh the pro's and con's of both wax & sugar.

 As you can see, I'm a fan of sugaring. There are no con's to sugaring other than it might take a little longer. Most people who have be waxed say the sugaring is less painful (not pain-less) than waxing because it gets it straight from the follicle instead of breaking it off at the surface. Also, when we sugar, we apply the sugar against the hair growth and pull with the hair VS wax we apply with and pull against the hair. There are so many reasons as to why sugar should be your method of hair removal. Not a lot of people know what it is so I though I would educate you all. Not many Estheticians know how to sugar which is why you should find someone in your area that does it. I really enjoy sugaring people and educating them how to care better for their skin. Sugaring is great even if you have sensitive skin. IT's 100% Natural!! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

D-Y-I Exfoliant

So I found this awesome exfoliant recipe on THIS cute site. Thought I would share it with you all. It smells YUM and makes your skin so soft!

                                      5 tablespoons sea salt
                                      1 tablespoon olive oil
                                      1 lemon

First mix the olive oil and sea salt together. Once the salt gets coated by the oil, the lemon won’t dissolve it! Next cut the lemon in half and squeeze over the salt + oil. Mix and mash.

I have done many D-I-Y exfoliants, and this is my favorite so far! If you have any recipes of you own....DO SHARE!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Grapesicle Beauty Rush: Victoria Secret

This is by far the best flavor of any lotion/spray I have EVER used. Unfortunately they discontinued it (which boggles my mind). My aunt bought a whole bunch when they went on sale and gave me like 6 bottles of it. I have used these bottles very sparingly! I would only use it for special occasions and didn't spare any to anyone! I have used this scent since high school and am still not sick of it. I even used it when I was pregnant and I still LOVE it! (I hate all the other smells I used when preggo)!

Am I the only on who love this scent and will do anything for Vickies to bring it back, even for a limited time? When my last bottle runs out, i'm going to cry. Also i'm not going to pay $100 on Ebay for a bottle. That's Redic! maybe not. 

Here is the FACEBOOK page to 'Bring back the Scent'!
Go there, and LIKE it! PALEASE. tell your friends.

Do any of you have a favorite scent? Please share. I might need to find another one :(

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

6 Uses for Baby Powder

There is more than one purpose for baby powder. Read on...

1. Dry Shampoo: When it's been a few day since you have washed your hair, and your too lazy to actually do it. Put a little baby powder in your hair to take away that greasy look! It also will make your hair smell yummy!

2. To Set Your Makeup: This works especially if you have oily skin. It helps soak up the excess sebum (oil) in your skin helping your make-up to go on nice and even. And helps to keep your make-up looking fresh through out the day.

3. Foot Powder: Don't bother buying foot powder, use baby powder! It smells delightful and helps with the stink in your shoes!

4. Bed Sheets: I have never tried this one, but now i'll have to! You sprinkle some powder in your bed sheets to soak up the perspiration and prevent odor and leave you and your room smelling like heaven.

5. Deodorant: I have started putting this all over my body the minute I dry off after the shower. It helps soak up moisture (I sweat all over) and helps me to smell and stay fresh all day long. Also makes my skin soft.

6. No More Chaffing: Before you go for a run. Put some powder in the areas that you normally chafe. It helps reduce friction by making your skin soft and dry!

Well these are only a few main uses for baby powder. If you have any other uses...DO SHARE!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Product Review: Bosley Hair

I have recently started using this product because my hair is starting to thin out due to just having had a baby. I texted my hair dresser in a panic thinking my life was over! No one wants thin-stringy hair!

She suggested getting this shampoo/conditioner/thickening treatment. 
I have used it only a week and half and have already noticed results. It has like a peppermint tingling in the conditioner and a lovely smell. My hair appears and feels thicker and stimulates more hair growth. I give this product a A+ and recommend it to everyone with thin/fine hair. (I never thought I would be in that category).

Leave-in thickening treatment. Apply at roots when hair is damp and it helps to give your hair the body/boost it needs.

They have different kinds for different hair types. Give it try and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ELF Make-Up

As I have said before. I love E.L.F make-up! I ordered all this make-up for a total of $30! They always have great deals going on. You will rarely find something more than $3 on this site. And it's great product! 
read on...

I have never used blush sticks and decided to give it a try! I love these you just apply at the apple of your cheeks and blend with a make-up sponge.

I love the powder foundation. It has a little shimmer in it and it gives my skin the even look it needs!

I love this eyeliner!! It is thick and never bleeds or smears through-out the day.

Primer and plumper. The plumper smells like cinnamon!

I like how thick and long-lasting the lip gloss is. So I got myself 4 of them :)

Primer and mascara. I like the primer and liner sealer. But the mascara isn't thick enough for my liking! 

There was a deal that if you spent $25 you get this make-up pallet for $3.50 (orig. $35). What a great deal. I couldn't pass it up!

what's your favorite make-up line?

Monday, October 15, 2012

5 things to do with a empty pill bottle

As I was going through my medicine cabinets I noticed I had a lot of empty pill bottles that I just couldn't bring myself to throw away (hoarder maybe?). So I started to think of some things I could use them for and I came up with 5 main things. Mostly using the bottle for travel purposes.

1. Moisturizer/Shampoo/Conditioner: When i'm going on vay-cay the last thing I wanna do is haul my big bottle of stuff I will only use a little of. So I just put a little in the bottle. And I also can get all the product out because I can stick my whole finger in there and scrape it all out!

2. Jewelry: What better way to keep track of your small jewelry pieces then to keep it in this little contraption!

3. Q-tips: They fit perfectly! Need I say more?

4. Vitamins: I try to pack as lightly as I can when going away, so that means not having to take my vitamin bottles. So this works great!

5. Bobby Pins: I have these in my purse everywhere I go!

Who knew a pill bottle can have so many uses! If you have any more ideas on how to use a pill bottle, do share!

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