Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Favorite Products AOL (As Of Late)

Here are some random products I have been liking lately!

Britney Spears perfume "Circus". I love the roll-on perfumes so I can always have a refresher in my purse!

 1. SexSymbol Aerotan: This is like a spray-on foundation. It has a little shimmer to it. However, it's not a gradual spray-on tan. It washes off at the end of the day. I really like it because it goes on evenly and smells lovely!

2.Big Sexy Hair: I LOVE the smell of this. Plus it has a good hold. But you have to use it sparingly because it is so strong!

3. Sexy Hair Volumizing Serum: I like this because it gives body to my hair after blow drying it. I put it on when my hair is damp.

I also love the big sexy hair shampoo! Having had a baby, my hair is starting to thin out. But this product gives body and thickens my hair. Love it!

L'Oreal Sublime Bonze: I like to mix a little of this in with my moisturizer. I feel like it distributes more easily when I do. It is a gradual tan and has a little shimmer which gives your skin such a pretty glow.

Olay Total Effects: I was in need of a new moisturizer and decided to try this one out. When buying new products for myself (hair, skin, lotions), smell is one of the first things that sell me on that product. And this moisturizer not only smells good, but it has a little shimmer glow and leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated!
If you all have a product you like. Feel free to share~


My Scrambled Style said...

Follow you now too :-).

Never thought of mixing the self tanner with moisturizer. Greet tip.


Amy said...

Ill have to try that foundation! and i love BSH!!


Nerza said...

So cute post! Thanks for sharing your secrets. I'm a sucker for beauty products..I'm a new follower of your blog.
waiting to have you on my followers list.


Molly McIsaac said...

I surprised myself by really liking Circus. I guess I stay away from celebrity perfumes at times, but I'm super into it!


Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Hey ! I was going to ask you about self tanners. I still think you need to invest in a spray tan booth. Please!!!! :)

MSbeautyblogger said...

I don't think brett will consider it. (remember what I just bought last week?)

Akiko said...

I keep using same products over and over.. so it's good to know. Thanks for sharing! xo akiko
Style Imported

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

I have smelled Circus before on one of my friends. I feel like she has been wearing it for years. Everytime we hang out I ask her,"What perfume are you wearing, because I love it!" and she always replies, "Britney Spears!"

MSbeautyblogger said...

Kami, probably it smells a little like the old ralph lauren?

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

i really do like circus! i wore it for awhile even! it was so odd, because i never really liked any of her other scents.

lindsey louise


MSbeautyblogger said...

I know, I normally don't like her scents either. But I have yet to get sick of this one!

Demi s Canvas said...

Nice post!! Maybe you would like to follow each other on facebook and gfc? Let me know dear <3
Kisses Demi
Demi's Canvas on Facebook
Demi's Canvas

MSbeautyblogger said...

Awesome~ thanks for the follows!

Pathy Moreira said...

Hello, I found your blog from a friend and I went to visit! I loved your post and I am going to stay on top of all the news!
I hope my blog:


If you want to follow me I'll be very happy! ♥ hugs..

Instangram @pathyamorinha

MSbeautyblogger said...

Thanks for stopping by Pathy! :)

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