Wednesday, October 24, 2012

6 Uses for Baby Powder

There is more than one purpose for baby powder. Read on...

1. Dry Shampoo: When it's been a few day since you have washed your hair, and your too lazy to actually do it. Put a little baby powder in your hair to take away that greasy look! It also will make your hair smell yummy!

2. To Set Your Makeup: This works especially if you have oily skin. It helps soak up the excess sebum (oil) in your skin helping your make-up to go on nice and even. And helps to keep your make-up looking fresh through out the day.

3. Foot Powder: Don't bother buying foot powder, use baby powder! It smells delightful and helps with the stink in your shoes!

4. Bed Sheets: I have never tried this one, but now i'll have to! You sprinkle some powder in your bed sheets to soak up the perspiration and prevent odor and leave you and your room smelling like heaven.

5. Deodorant: I have started putting this all over my body the minute I dry off after the shower. It helps soak up moisture (I sweat all over) and helps me to smell and stay fresh all day long. Also makes my skin soft.

6. No More Chaffing: Before you go for a run. Put some powder in the areas that you normally chafe. It helps reduce friction by making your skin soft and dry!

Well these are only a few main uses for baby powder. If you have any other uses...DO SHARE!


Jackie said...

so interesting! never knew baby powder could do that much!

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James Brown said...

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