Friday, October 26, 2012

Grapesicle Beauty Rush: Victoria Secret

This is by far the best flavor of any lotion/spray I have EVER used. Unfortunately they discontinued it (which boggles my mind). My aunt bought a whole bunch when they went on sale and gave me like 6 bottles of it. I have used these bottles very sparingly! I would only use it for special occasions and didn't spare any to anyone! I have used this scent since high school and am still not sick of it. I even used it when I was pregnant and I still LOVE it! (I hate all the other smells I used when preggo)!

Am I the only on who love this scent and will do anything for Vickies to bring it back, even for a limited time? When my last bottle runs out, i'm going to cry. Also i'm not going to pay $100 on Ebay for a bottle. That's Redic! maybe not. 

Here is the FACEBOOK page to 'Bring back the Scent'!
Go there, and LIKE it! PALEASE. tell your friends.

Do any of you have a favorite scent? Please share. I might need to find another one :(

Have a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

courtney rogers said...

Omg I'm the same way I hate that they discontinued it because it's the only perfume or smell I could handle and everyone recognized me as that scent

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