Monday, August 1, 2011

Lesson of the day: Tanning

Before I became a Master Esthetician, I tanned alot, in tanning beds, in the sun, ect. I never used protection, ever! Then I went to school and learned what the harmful rays can do to our skin, we might not see it now, but years down the road we will, I see it every day at the spa. It was in school that I decided I wasn't going to go to tanning salons anymore and when i'm in the sun i'll wear SPF! After all, vitamin D Is great for you and we all need it!

Our skin has cells called melanocytes. These cells have natural, built in sun protection. You can see it in each time you tan. Melanocytes produce dark brown substance, called melanin, which doesn't allow sun rays to penetrate deep into the skin layers cause would be damaging. At the same time sun light stimulates cell generation, skin becomes thicker, and therefore more resistant to the suns rays. Turns out the sun is actually good for the skin. Fair skin people have lack of melanin causing them to burn more easily rather than tan. But no matter your skin type, everyone needs to wear SPF. If you think your safe cause your make up has SPF in it, your wrong. You need more and keep reapplying it. Cause eventually the melanocytes will no longer be stimulated and remain at the surface of the skin leaving a brow/leathery look along with wrinkles and lack of elasticity and sun spots and pigmentation. :(
you may be a tan beauty now, but lets wait about 20 years and see what you look like.

FYI: SPF stand for Sun Protection Factor and the Number indicates the times you can be out in the sun. Example: If you normally start to burn after 15 minutes in the sun an SPF 15 product will let you stay in the sun for about 15 times longer (or 3 1/2 hours) without burning..

Enough about that, Now i'm going to share with you a few things I like to do to have a glowing tan.

Spray tans: when you hear spray tans you might think of a orange/oompa loompa look. am i right? In some cases yes, but it depends where you go. I just get them at work (NEW IMAGE DAY SPA) they last about 7-10 days but they look alot better than a tanning bed tan. 

Self tanners: I have tried many self tanners, sprays, lotions, even powders. But I have found one that I am currently using. L'oreal Sublime Bronze. The lotion. They make spray to but I haven't used it. It goes on dark so you can see where your putting it and it has a little shimmer to it. it's pretty. I usually mix it in with my moisturizer so it goes on evenly. And be sure to wash your hands after using it. 

So there are some things I like. I am guilty of sun bathing, but I have been trying alot harder to protect!

If any of you use any other good products that help tan comment and share :)

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