Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Product: doTERRA Oils

Let me be one of probably hundreds of people to rave to you all about these oils. However, before I go on about all the things these oils can help, let's all remember that there are things that they can't, and for those things, you need to use modern medicine and doctors. After all, that's why we have them!

I have used many of the doTERRA oils and have loved them all. But there are some I find myself using more than others. All these oils have MANY uses. But i'm going to tell you all what I use mine for.

DigestZen: bladder infections, cramps, stomach aches, constipation. Since you can't really give your infants medicine for stomach aches, this is great to have.

Lavender: This one does a alot I put this on my baby boy's feet at night (applying under foot is a great way to distribute oils into the body) to help him to sleep and relax. It also helped with his thrush in his mouth.
I use it for chapped lips, diaper rashes, stretch marks and stress.

Lemon: I put a few drops in a bottle full of 6 oz. of water and use it to spray my clean sheets, furniture, ect. I also use it to clean my counter tops. I love my house to smell like lemons. So I clean everything with it, including putting a few drops in my washer with my laundry. Also helps with cradle cap!

Melaleuca: Since this oil has tea tree in it, it's great for acne. So I usually put a drop in my moisturizer or cleanser because it contains antibacterial properties in it. You can also use it as a deodorant (which I haven't tried yet) It help with warts, shingles, ear infections, hives and much more.

Deep Blue: I use this one a lot on my husband who plays sports and always has an aching-something. So I use this for sore/cramping muscles. It has the same feeling as hot/cold. You can buy this in a form of a lotion. Which I love!

Peppermint: As I mentioned in my last post, I like to put a dab of this on my lips. I love the tingle and it makes my lips plump and feel plump. I also put a few drop in my bath when I have sinus congestion to help me breath and relax. Also good for nausea, bad breath, fever, motion sickness, asthma and skin allergies.

Breathe: I really like this one. Whether i'm stuffed up or not, I rub this on my chest at night (like vicks vapor rub) and it helps me to sleep so much better. I also put it in my humidifier and it makes the room to much more breathable and smells yummy!

There are so many oils that I didn't mention. They are all great and have so many great purposes! It's amazing what smell can do to a bad mood!

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