Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm way excited to announce I'm offering gelish! If you have never heard of it it's like a gel that applies like polish but can last up to a month at the least! It doesn't damage your nail, it soaks off easy (no filing your nail thin) and doesn't chip.
I love this product. I wear it on my nails because polish don't last with all the pedicures and facials I do and even through all that my nails last up to 3-4 weeks!
I charge $25 but since I'm so excited to do it on my clients I'm doing a $15 special till the end of September.
I can guarantee that you will love this! Polish only last a few days, why not make it last a month with gelish! 

Here are a few colors that I have. I'm gonna be getting more soon!


Mikayla said...

What colors do you have? (:

Maddee said...

I have about 15 different ones right now! I will post all of them :)

Brooke Cushman said...

I want that done. Maybe next time I am in town!

Maddee said...

Brooke definitely come! i would love to see ya and do them!

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