Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Favorite Products as of Late

Being preggo, i'm super nervous about getting the dreaded stretch marks! Although most skin types are genetic and if your mom didn't get them, chances are, you won't either. However, it doesn't hurt to use things that could possibly prevent them (drinking lotsa water, creams, ect.)! A few people I work with have used this cream and didn't get one stretch mark. They swear by it. So, I decided to try it out. (Although the odds of getting stretch marks are in my favor, thanks mom!)

So far, I haven't gotten one stretch mark! But it is still to early to tell. So i'll keep you all posted. 
You can get this bruise and scar cream at New Image Day Spa. Not only is it good for stretch marks, it also can help soften scars, and heals burns! 

Love this leave-in treatment volumizer by bed head, it's called small talk! Not only does it give volume to your hair, it smells like heaven!

This is one of my favorite moisturizers (what we all need this time of year)!
It smells delightful 

My hair dresser used this hair spray on my hair once, and I had to go buy it the moment I got done. It gives your hair the stick it needs, but still leaves it soft and not stiff. Did I mention it also smells like heaven? can you tell i'm big into smells? 
That's it for now, other than the scar and bruise cream, you can get everything else at the beauty supply! 

Do any of you use any products you love and want to share, please do!

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