Sunday, October 16, 2011

Skin-tamint Soft

It's really important to take good care of your skin and keep moisturized. It's amazing how aged your skin looks when it's dry and dull! Living in utah can really do that to your skin. Especially in the winter! so take care!! and hope these tips work:)

MOISTURIZE: Staying consistent on moisturizing your whole body helps alot. Try and apply after getting wet. (after the shower, washing hands, ect.) skin takes in moisture the best when your body is just a little damp.  
SHAVE: shaving frequently, even winter (especially), helps skin stay soft because it removes a layer of dead, dry skin cells, showing healthier, softer skin. 
USE THE RIGHT KIND OF LOTION: you want a lotion that has smoothing ingredients like salicylic or alpha hydroxy acids. these ingredients help rid of the dead skin leaving your skin soft.
LUKEWARM WATER: A hot shower or bath feels great, but actually strips your skin of its natural moisture, making it dry and rough. instead, to a lukewarm soak or shower instead, to keep skin nice and baby-bum soft!
A LITTLE H2O: Drink at least half of your body weight! so if you weigh 120 you would drink 60 oz. a day. you need to start hydrating from the inside out. water is great for your skin.
VITAMINS: I know there are a lot of good vitamins out there for great skin. I have used a few! Fish oil, biotin and even prenatal (mostly for growing my hair) but right now i'm using hair skin and nail vitamin. that's what it's called. you can get it in any health store. I haven't noticed my hair changing but it makes my nails stronger and grow super fast and my skin seems a lot more healthier to! if you try vitamins and like them. do share.
EXFOLIATE: It's important to exfoliate! I usually do it once a week or maybe a few times a week during the winter. The dead skin cells block any moisture that is trying to sink in. So take a layer of that dead skin off and also get any clogged pores cleared and your skin will have a nice glow! 
*tip: Exfoliate BEFORE you shave to get a closer shave.
                                                                                               stay skintamint.


Jan said...

Always love your beauty tips! Keep them coming.

Maddee said...

thanks jan! your great :)

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